Originally built as areas of segregation, Cape Town's townships are experiencing new life. On this tour guests visit two key township central business districts, and learn about how the townships are shaping up as important central nodes. Explore some of the city's best known townships including its oldest, Langa, and its fastest growing, Khayelitsha. Interact with proactive community members who are shaping the future of the townships, and, by extension, the city.

South Africa's townships were created as segregated places for blacks only, until the end of the Apartheid era. Usually located on city outskirts, the townships still exist today and while still facing undeniable problems, they hold the highest level of savings in the country, and are acknowledged by government as the economic future of the country.

After meeting your guide in Cape Town, you'll head out by minivan to discover some of Cape Town's most interesting townships, like Langa and Khayelitsha. Meet the local leaders who are making things happen for this vibrant community, and hear their views on some of the biggest questions surrounding their future: 'What if the greatest value of savings were in the townships, and not in the wealthy areas? How will the townships become suburbs? What's their future?'

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