Experience The Heart And Soul Of South African Culture In Cape Town

Embark with a local non-profit on a friendly tour through the ins and outs of everyday life in Cape Town, and help bolster its social development through community upliftment. Interact with Cape Town residents by participating in some of the exciting youth, agricultural, and animal care projects currently taking place.

Watch the history and culture of South Africa come to life on the thrilling tour program offered by a nonprofit organization focused on community upliftment.

Tours are based around meaningful and interesting community development initiatives. Visit various projects through a fun, personalized agenda while helping raising funds for them. We will select three different projects for guests to visit, depending on the availability of communities, weather and season. There are a variety of programs to explore, including day care and early childhood learning centres, urban agricultural and environmental programs, youth development and after school extracurricular activities, senior citizen and animal care, assistance to refugees, economic empowerment through skills development, township theatre, prisoner rehabilitation, and many more!

Immerse yourself in the Cape Town community and leave with a travel story unlike any other! Tour prices include a donation to the community-based projects visited.

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