The Chavonnes Battery are the Archaeological Ruins of a Dutch East India Company Fort buried for 140 years, a tangible connection to life in Cape Town from 1600 to 1900, host to a robust schedule of International Photographic Exhibitions.

Your journey commences in reception where you can don an 18th Century Tricorn hat and take a photo with the authentic working 9 pound Muzzle Loaded Cannon. The museum offers free wifi'and you are welcome to take pictures and check-in.

On the mezzanine level we invite you to marvel at the International Photographic Exhibitions rich in content and relevant in terms of contemporary thinking and topics,

Then step below sea-level'among the ribs of this old VOC Fort, built in 1724 of Table Mountain rock and cement of sea shells gathered and then burned...on the only site you can touch the sand of the original shoreline at the 'Cape of Storms / Good Hope'

Experience the 17th and 18th Centuries,'a'time of the battle for the high seas and the treacherous journey to the spice and silks of the East. For the soldiers, sailors, slaves and adventurers, the strategic importance of good hope and of rivalry between Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English, Swedes and Danes that required massive fire power and huge cannons.

Who were the locals, what did it look like and what life was like, is what you will discover in detailed models, exhibits, displays and large information panels. Make a wish in the water well and save a thought for those they couldn't save with the Rocket Lifesaving Apparatus,...

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