This full day guided history tour of Cape Town gives you an incredible'overview of the heritage of the Cape. A complementary pickup will occur at 8am. From there, you will walk through the Company Gardens and learn about the role Dutch played in colonising the Cape. On this tour you will visit the Slave Lodge which explains the impact the slave trade had on Cape Town. Then, your guide will bring you through the District Six Museum in the heart of the city and you will learn about the forced removals during Apartheid. A visit to the colored houses of the Bo-Kaap will be an experience that allows you to discover the heritage of the vibrant Cape Malay people at the Bo-Kaap Museum. This tour takes a step back in time with a cellar tour and chocolate and wine pairing at Groot Constantia. Then, around 5pm, you'll be driven home via Hout Bay and Camps Bay to catch the sunset over the ocean.



Begin the day with a stroll through the Company Gardens, where you'll learn about the role the Dutch East India Company played in developing Cape Town and how their influence lives on today.

Cape Town was established by the Dutch in the 1600's to refuel the passing ships on the trade route from Europe to the East, more commonly know as the Spice Route.

Take a visit to the'Slave Lodge museum, which showcases a darker side of how the Cape was used as a trading post for slaves, predominantly from Java, Indonesia, Malaysia and the east. This is'an important aspect of the history of the Cape that gives insight into the current makeup of the population of Cape Town. Discover what a big influence these people had on the local cuisine and culture.

Your next stop is the District Six Museum which takes us back to a time when there was a thriving community in the centre of Cape Town. The District 6 community was forcibly removed by the Apartheid government and relocated to designated areas outside the city.

Next, head on over to the Bo-Kaap and explore the streets lined with the famous colourful houses'and'meet some of'the animated locals going about their day. Discover'spice shops and little local stores tucked away on the back streets before visiting the Bo-Kaap Museum.

On your way to Groot Constantia Wine Estate in the Constantia wine valley, your guide will tell you the story of the Quagga. This extinct half zebra half horse has been revived using DNA from a Quagga in a museum.'

Once you arrive at historic Groot Constantia, you will taste the delicious wines that make the region famous worldwide. Learn about the importance of the wine industry to the South African economy and its role in the heritage of the Cape. Wine was first made in the Cape in 1659 as part of the 'refuelling' station for the'thirsty sailors. This historical time frame makes Cape Town the oldest of the New World wine regions.

Finally, make your way all the way around the base of Table Mountain on the way home via Hout Bay and Camps Bay. Stop for a picture perfect moment as you watch the sun set over the ocean from the winding coastal road, perhaps even stopping for a sunset cocktail at one of the many swanky bars on the Camps Bay strip.

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